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Arizona law defines arson as the intentional damaging of a home, vehicle, or other structure by means of a fire or explosion. While some arson cases are truly malicious attempts to harm another person or their property, the most common types of arson cases involve the burning of a home or even a vehicle for the purpose of committing insurance fraud. If a death occurs as a result of an arson, the responsible individual(s) may be charged with felony murder or conspiracy to commit murder.

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Arson Charges in Arizona

While arson cases are far less common than other crimes such as drug offenses or sex crimes, the potential penalties are still severe. Prosecutors in Arizona almost always treat arson as a dangerous offense by designating ‘fire’ as a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument capable of causing serious physical injury or death. Such a designation is made even if no one was hurt, or if no one was home at the time of a fire. Upon conviction for either the charge of arson of an occupied structure or arson of an unoccupied structure, judges have no discretion but to impose lengthy prison sentences.

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Jason Lamm is only one of a handful of criminal defense attorneys in Phoenix—or in Arizona, for that matter—who has received specialized training in the defense of arson cases. His experience as an arson defense attorney has garnered several successful results for his clients and has helped them avoid serious consequences. By understanding how arson investigations work, our team examines the investigation and puts the prosecution’s case on trial, often exposing holes to our client’s advantage.

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