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At Jason D. Lamm Attorney at Law, our Phoenix sex crimes lawyer has 20+ years of experience handling criminal matters. Sex crimes are some of the most stigmatized criminal offenses, which means you need to act fast to protect your reputation. These cases can frequently result in dismissals or not guilty verdicts – perhaps more so than any other type of criminal charge. Our recent results prove it. As a former sex crime prosecutor, Jason Lamm knows that the investigations done by police are often one-sided. He also knows that by putting together a team of experts to conduct his own independent investigation of a case—a case that is geared toward finding out the truth—new perspective can be presented, making the difference between a client leaving free of charges or spending the rest of their life in prison.

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Attorney Jason D. Lamm has authored motions and arguments that have been adopted by other lawyers, due to their strength and history of yielding favorable outcomes. Our attorney will never hesitate to take on a complex case - even if other lawyers have refused to do so. Throughout his 20+ years of criminal experience, Jason Lamm has become recognized for his ability to build strong cases and represent clients in a tenacious, diligent manner.

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The Truth About False Allegations

Think back to how many times you have watched the news or heard stories about someone who was arrested and charged with a sex offense. Like most people, you probably thought the worst and judged that person guilty based on a mere allegation. But when you or someone you know is charged with or arrested for a sex crime, your reaction will be very different. You may think the allegations are false, that the victim fabricated some part of his or her claim, or that the police simply have the wrong person.

While there are very legitimate accusations of sexual misconduct, the fact is that the criminal justice system is geared to believe a victim. And while the criminal justice system stands on ‘the presumption of innocence’, the practical reality is that when you are charged with a sexual offense, there is a perception that you are guilty and that you have to prove otherwise.

That is where our experienced criminal defense attorney comes in. At Jason D. Lamm Attorney at Law, we take our client's side and provide the committed and aggressive advocacy they need to have their voice heard. We know how trying this time can be, which is why we are here to stand by your side.

Now is the time to get the counsel of our seasoned sex crimes defense firm.

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Our founder has authored motions and argument that are recognized and adopted by other lawyers given their strength and value for the defense of sexual offenses. Aggressive defense of sexual offenses sometimes means examining medical records, child protective services records, and other avenues that many lawyers don’t take the time to explore.

Our firm can handle sex crime charges such as:

It is not uncommon for sex crimes cases to take one to two years before they go to trial. While overworked prosecutors are usually busy with other cases, Jason Lamm pushes forward to relentlessly investigate his client’s cases and file motions, when appropriate and based on the evidence he discovers, that can have a radical outcome on a client’s case and their future.

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