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Are you being accused of committing a white collar crime? If so, you need to contact Jason D. Lamm Attorney at Law right away. We have successfully represented corporations and corporate officers facing allegations of securities fraud, money laundering, conspiracy, and a variety of tax charges. White collar crimes are being prosecuted more vigorously than ever in Arizona state and federal courts. Don’t delay. Seek representation from someone with the knowledge and experience to handle this type of case; someone who is well known and established as a Phoenix white collar criminal defense lawyer.

Businesses sometimes fail and investors look for someone to take the fall. By not waiting until fraud or other serious charges are filed to begin your defense, an aggressive posture and thorough investigation can be done to safeguard your future. Once an allegation becomes public, the damage is done - even if you become completely exonerated.

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At our Phoenix firm, Attorney Lamm is passionate about relentlessly defending the rights, futures, and freedoms of the criminally accused. A former major felony prosecutor and member of the FBI Bank Fraud Task Force, Jason Lamm fully understands both the investigation and litigation of complex white collar crimes. With successful results in and out of the courtroom, our attorney will not hesitate to take a case to trial, and will do everything within his power to secure the most favorable outcomes possible for clients.

Charged with a White Collar Crime?

White collar crimes are defined as those designed to produce financial gain for an individual. Typically, this type of crime is committed by people in business or those that have access to large amounts of money. Most white collar cases are processed as federal crimes, which means harsher penalties for individuals that are convicted. With the stakes so high, it is important to invest in an experienced and skilled Phoenix criminal defense attorney to handle your case if charged with any of the following crimes:



Tax Evasion

Money Laundering

Ponzi Schemes

Embezzlement charges can stem from any number of situations, including when an employee takes money from a business by signing checks without permission, using the company credit card for personal purposes, or faking time cards or expenses vouchers. Prosecutors typically view embezzlements harshly as they represent a breach of trust. You can have confident when you trust your case to our firm. We have defended a principal player in one of the first and largest federal mortgage fraud cases in United States District Court. Despite charges of conspiracy, wire fraud, and mail fraud, through detailed and intensive hard work, we were able to get all charges dismissed.

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Our vision and legal insight into modern trends of white collar crime allows us to stay on the cutting edge of the law and be ready for the next wave of white collar crime defense. There really is no substitute for years of experience defending white collar crimes in Arizona. Because each white collar case is so unique, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible, so that we may better assist you based on the needs of your specific circumstances. Let us put our 20+ years of skill and insight to work for your future today.

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