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Whether you're charged with fraud, theft, or any other white collar crime, embezzlement can have serious and long-lasting ramifications. In addition to the stigma of a felony conviction, the loss of civil rights, and the obligation of paying restitution, a conviction for an embezzlement related offense in Arizona can carry substantial prison terms. Our skilled Phoenix embezzlement lawyer shares what you need to know about white collar charges and what it means to be charged of embezzlement.

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Where does embezzlement occur?

While embezzlement can occur in a small mom and pop business and a major corporation alike, the reality is that most occur in small businesses with the following characteristics:

  • One person handling all finances
  • No checks and balances
  • The person writing the checks is the same person who receives monthly bills or statements and then reconciles them, without having to report to others

In this type of situation where one person has been tasked with so much responsibility, the absence of internal controls and oversight makes a business vulnerable to be the victim of an embezzlement.

How does embezzlement most often occur?

As discussed above, when one person is left to perform so many financial functions in a company without oversight, sometimes temptation gets the best of them. People who have no history whatsoever of committing crimes, let alone embezzlement, take money from their employers, usually in one of the following ways:

  • Writing unauthorized checks to themselves
  • Writing checks to pay their personal bills
  • Writing checks payable to cash
  • Writing checks to fictitious third party vendors or family members
  • Using the company credit card for their personal purchases

While this list is not exhaustive, these are some of the common ways people commit the crime of embezzlement - at least based on my experience as a former prosecutor who was assigned to the elite FBI Bank Fraud Task Force.

We Defend Clients Charged with White Collar Crimes

Some fraud and theft charges are filed in federal court and some are filed in superior (state) court. Either way, with more than 20 years of experience representing clients charged with serious felony offenses, we have the experience and know how to make it right. We defend embezzlement charges with a team that includes forensic accountants and experts to insure that our client’s rights are protected. Oftentimes, this can include making sure that business victims do not try and artificially inflate the loss value to try and capitalize on the situation, to our clients' detriment.

If you or someone you love has been charged with, or is under investigation for embezzlement or any other white collar crime, we can help. Our Phoenix embezzlement attorney has extensive experience representing clients with complicated charges. Don’t settle for an attorney that won’t fight for you!

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