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While drug laws in Arizona are changing, all drugs, including marijuana, are illegal under federal law.

Being charged with a serious drug offense such as transportation for sale, possession with intent to distribute, or conspiracy can result not only in lengthy prison sentences, but also other consequences such as the loss of various benefits, the loss of employment, and other things that can change your life forever.

For more than 20 years, Phoenix drug crimes attorney Jason Lamm has been at the forefront of defending those charged in serious drug offenses all over Arizona in both state and federal court. From the routine traffic stop on Arizona freeways that turns into a full on search of drugs or money to the most complicated of wiretaps cases, Jason Lamm has a proven track record and history of getting extraordinary results for his clients that not only spare them from prison time, but that help them preserve their life, career, and future.

With an individualized and individualized approach developed for each client’s situation, Jason Lamm has distinguished himself as Phoenix’s only boutique criminal defense attorney. If you are facing serious drug charges in Arizona and are looking for your case to receive time, dedication, and personal attention, and not just being a name on a file in a criminal defense mill, then Jason Lamm is the right Phoenix drug crimes lawyer for you.

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Trusted Counsel for Arizona Drug Offenses

Our lead, Attorney Lamm, has been taking charge of Arizona criminal courtrooms for over 20 years. His decorated legal career starts as a prosecutor. As a prosecutor, it was his job to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant did in fact commit the crime in question, and he was quite successful in this. Now, his job is to use this experience to defend individuals facing severe penalties if convicted.

With drug crimes, the first course of action is usually to file a motion to suppress evidence that is wrongfully obtained. Our Phoenix drug crime attorney is often able to investigate the search and seizure of the drugs in the context of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution and uncover a violation of the alleged perpetrator’s rights. If that evidence can be suppressed, the charge usually falls apart.

Your Fierce Advocate

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Representation in Arizona

The penalties for drug crimes get more and more severe depending on the kind of drug in question, how much one has in their possession, and whether or not the drugs were being distributed or sold in any way. In comparison, possession of marijuana is less penalized than methamphetamine trafficking, but Arizona cracks down harder on marijuana that nearly any other state in the country.

Because drugs are so high on the priority lists of Arizona law enforcement, this often leads to them making illegal searches and even utilizing police brutality in their efforts to get drugs off the streets. Our firm has success at the State and Federal levels in challenging these tactics and helping those who have fallen victim to them retain their freedom and futures. Regardless of the drug crime in question, our Phoenix drug crime attorney has the experience and know-how to achieve the best possible outcome.

Some of Our Past Results
    • Sexual Conduct with a Minor Dismissed
    • Aggravated Robbery Dismissed
    • Child Molestation Dismissed
    • Production of Child Pornography Dismissed
    • Computer Tampering Dismissed
    • Sexual Abuse Dismissed
    • Attempted Murder Dismissed
    • Conspiracy (White Collar Crime) Dismissed
    • Transportation of Marijuana for Sale No Charges Filed
    • Transportation of Marijuana for Sale Fined Only; Misdemeanor
    • Money Laundering Dismissed
    • Transportation of Marijuana for Sale Probation / No Jail
    • Aggravated Assault (Domestic Violence) Dismissed
    • Sexual assault & kidnapping Dismissed
    • Child Abuse Dismissed
    • Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon Probation / No Jail Time
    • Theft NOT GUILTY
    • Illegal Control of an Enterprise Dismissed
    • Conspiracy to Distribute Dismissed
    • Fraudulent Schemes NOT GUILTY
    • Sexual Assault Dismissed

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  • “Jason is the MOST efficient, strategic, and passionate attorney.”
  • “Thanks to Superman, Jason D. Lamm, I see the light in the darkness around me.”
  • “You won't be disappointed if you hire Mr. Lamm. ”
  • “Thanks to Jason Lamm and his firm, I now have a future with possibilities available that once were not there.”
  • “You've been nothing but respectful and professional”
  • “Jason gets it - this is your life, and it's as important to him that you prevail in your case as it is to you.”
  • “Mr. Lamm is the best criminal defense attorney one can hire.”
  • “You were put in our path to give us comfort when we felt desperate and afraid. ”
  • “I feel like I got a second chance at life.”
  • “I promise you, if you need a criminal defense lawyer, you want no one except for Jason Lamm. ”
  • “Thanks again for your aggressive yet measured approach.”
  • “We will be forever grateful!”
  • “If you need results, I would highly recommend Attorney Jason Lamm to be in your corner. ”

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