Your Relationship with your Criminal Defense Attorney

Being accused of a crime does not mean that you are guilty. It means that you are going to have to work closely with your attorney as your case moves through the criminal justice system to get the best possible result for you.

Jason Lamm is a highly experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney. He has defended clients in criminal cases in virtually every county in Arizona, as well as in federal criminal cases in the United States District Courts in Phoenix and in Tucson

Can I Talk About My Criminal Case with Others?

DO NOT discuss your case with anyone except your criminal defense attorney or our office staff. Do not discuss your case with a police officer or even your family – tell them to talk to your attorney about the case. Anything you say to the police, to family members or to others could be used against you in court. Always remember that you and your attorney are partners working for the best possible result for you.

How Can I Aid in My Own Defense?

It takes time, sometimes several months, for a case to move through the courts. Some cases are more complex than others, particularly federal cases. It is possible that your case could take more than a year. During that time, it is extremely important for you to keep in touch with your attorney and to make all court appearances until your attorney tells you otherwise.

You can help your criminal defense attorney by doing the following things:

  • Be on time for court and other legal appointments.
  • Make sure that your attorney has updated contact information for you, such as your cell phone, email and mailing addresses.
  • Give your attorney a list of witnesses who may have relevant information, even if they are not going to testify at your trial.
  • Make sure that your attorney has any documents that might be helpful to the defense of your case.
  • When going to court, business attire is appropriate. Like it or not, Judges do form impressions based on defendants’ appearances and the respect that they show to the court and the criminal justice system.
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