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Arizona law classifies an offense as domestic violence if the accused and the victim have a certain relationship, such as a spouse, child, roommate, partner, or family member. When you face charges of domestic violence, it is important to retain legal counsel as soon as possible. At Jason D. Lamm Attorney at Law, our Phoenix criminal defense lawyer will help you understand your case and build a strong defense.

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Reasons to Choose Our Legal Team:

Your selection of a criminal attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. When looking, it’s important that you find one with significant experience and tangible passion for their work. Attorney Lamm has over 20 years of criminal trial experience, much of this taking place on the side of the prosecution of major felony cases. This means that with Attorney Lamm, you have counsel that is always one step ahead of the prosecution and truly dedicated to a real positive result in your case.

Why You Need Legal Counsel

What makes domestic violence cases different from other types of criminal cases is the fact that a mere allegation can result in you being thrown out of your own home and stripped of your right to possess guns—not to mention loss of child custody or visitation rights in cases involving children. A conviction can also make the loss of the right to possess firearms a near permanent situation under federal law.

Moreover, there are additional consequences for individuals who have professional licenses as there are often additional administrative consequences. Hiring a Phoenix domestic violence attorney who is not experienced in domestic violence can prove to be a mistake.

You need a legal advocate in Phoenix who can:

  • Keep you informed throughout the process
  • Take the big picture into consideration
  • Advise you on the unforeseen consequences
  • Provide guidance every step of the way

How Domestic Violence Cases Are Unique

The term domestic violence offense is quite misleading as many do not involve any violence at all. Many domestic violence 'crimes' result from the violation of an order of protection (restraining order). Some allegations of a violation of an order of protection are innocuous, such as a late phone call to a child or even a benign text message. Because Arizona law makes it very difficult to have custody of one's child if they are convicted of a domestic violence offense, false allegations are unfortunately made for tactical reasons on an all-too-frequent basis.

Reliable Defense Against Your Charges in Arizona

The fact that a domestic relationship underlies the allegations can result in even harsher penalties upon conviction. Prosecutors are typically not concerned if victims are not willing to cooperate or testify at trial. Some try to coerce or intimidate victims to come to court. This is why retaining an experienced Phoenix domestic violence attorney is vital.

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