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When you are charged with, or are even being investigated for a federal crime, it is essential to seek out counsel who is recognized as a trusted federal criminal defense lawyer in Phoenix. This is because defending a criminal case in federal court in Arizona, or anywhere in the United States, is typically reserved for the most experienced criminal defense attorneys. Many lawyers, no matter how experienced they may be, shy away from cases in United States District (Federal) Court given the complexities and unique rules that apply.

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Our lead attorney, Jason Lamm, has handled dozens of federal cases in Arizona and around the country. He is admitted to practice law before the Supreme Court of the United States, the District Courts for Arizona, Nebraska, the Southern District of Texas (Houston), the Central District of Illinois, and Maryland. Because of a practice known as pro hac vice, and because of his good standing in other federal courts, he has been provisionally admitted to represent clients in federal courts in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

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Generally speaking, the rules in all federal courts are the same. Even though the local rules of practice may have subtle differences, the overall process of defending criminal cases is identical. We recognize this situation and aim to help you move forward in the most positive manner possible.

What is a Target Letter?

There are many instances when someone receives a letter from the Justice Department advising them they may be a "target" of a federal investigation. This is known as a target letter. As soon as such a letter is received, it is essential to hire a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in federal courts. A target letter is a subtle invitation from the prosecution to contact them about a pending federal investigation or case.

In some cases, the recipient of a target letter is someone who has information and about whom the government has not decided if they are going to formally indict (charge) in federal court. In other instances, the government is certain that it will move forward with the filing of criminal charges in federal court, but it wants to create an opportunity to see if the target is able to cooperate with federal officials to seek a reduction or sentence, or even possibly a dismissal of all potential charges.

A target letter is never something that should be ignored. When federal prosecutors send a target letter and do not get a response, the likely outcome is that the target will eventually find themselves being arrested by federal agents and soon after standing handcuffed in front of a judge in federal court. Ignoring a target letter is a mistake. The minute one is received, whether it is in Arizona or elsewhere around the United States, it is imperative to contact an experienced attorney.

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Federal prosecutors (Assistant United States Attorneys) are all employed by the Department of Justice and operate by the same policies and procedures around the country. This lends to consistency and makes it seamless to defend a federal case anywhere in the country. Simply because a client's federal criminal case may be outside of Arizona is of little issue. No matter where a client or a case is located, and no matter in which U.S. federal court a case is being prosecuted, our Phoenix criminal defense lawyer aggressively represents our clients in federal criminal cases and works hard to help attain favorable results.

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