Cocaine Trafficking

Cocaine Trafficking in Arizona

Understanding Arizona Drug Trafficking Laws

While the days of Studio 54 are long gone, cocaine is still very much a thing. In Arizona, state and federal courts, criminal charges surrounding cocaine focus on conspiracy to distribute the drug and transportation of narcotic drugs for sale. And while marijuana possession is being legalized and decriminalized in some states, cocaine distribution is still prosecuted very aggressively and punished at the harshest of levels allowable under the law.

If you are currently under investigation for, or have been charged with cocaine trafficking in Arizona, our Phoenix drug crime lawyer provides legal representation to either have your case dismissed or have your charges and possible penalties substantially reduced. With nearly 25 years of experience, Attorney Lamm has helped countless clients with devastating criminal charges by protecting their rights, reputations, and freedom.

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Penalties for Cocaine Trafficking in Arizona Superior Court

Trafficking Cocaine in Arizona state courts is usually prosecuted under the charges of Transportation of Narcotic Drugs for Sale or Possession of Narcotic Drugs for Sale. Either way, the charge is considered a class 2 felony offense. Arizona statutes also create “threshold amounts” of cocaine which require mandatory prison sentences. For example, if someone is convicted of possession of narcotic drugs for sale, and the amount of cocaine was more than 9 grams (just a little more than a ¼ ounce), the offense is punishable by a mandatory sentence in the Arizona state prison sentence between 3 and 12.5 years.

Penalties for Cocaine Trafficking in Arizona Federal Courts

Most cocaine trafficking cases are charged as Conspiracy to Distribute in Arizona federal courts – specifically, the United States District Court for the District of Arizona. Because the majority of all cocaine flows into Arizona from Mexico, and given Arizona’s common border with Mexico, the quantities of cocaine at issue in Arizona’s federal courts tend to be far higher than in other parts of the country. But with higher amounts of the drug comes higher possible consequences.

Under federal law, a conviction for conspiracy to distribute cocaine requires a mandatory minimum sentence of not less than 10 years if the crime involves the distribution of more than 5 kilograms. Similarly, a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years is required if the crime involves the distribution of more than 500 grams of cocaine.

Provisions in the law, however, allow these mandatory minimum sentences to be waived if certain criteria can be met. This process, however, requires what can be a complex analysis to see if someone qualifies. Because Jason Lamm practices extensively in Arizona federal courts and has represented dozens in clients charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine, he is both familiar and highly experienced with these laws and is therefore able to get his clients the best possible outcome, whether they are charged with cocaine distribution or any other federal criminal charge in Arizona.

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When the charges you face are this serious, it’s imperative to obtain the most experienced and skilled legal services possible. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Lamm understands how the prosecution will approach your case, which gives his clients the advantage of knowing what they are up against. As a member of various drug and criminal defense related associations, he is one of the few lawyers in Arizona who has access to specialized resources in order to best serve his clients who are charged with cocaine trafficking and related offenses. Get the justice you deserve.

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