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Why Hire a Murder Attorney

Why Hire a Murder Defense Lawyer in Phoenix

Reasons Why You Need a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney on Your Side

Whether the charge is first degree murder, second degree murder, manslaughter, or even negligent homicide, when you or someone you love is charged with this type of crime it can feel like the end of the world. But it doesn’t have to. With the help of a skilled Phoenix criminal defense lawyer, we can create enough reasonable doubt within your case to earn a not-guilty verdict.

There is no question that homicide charges are the most serious there are, given the potential penalties of decades, if not life in prison if convicted. But that’s a very big if - and one that we, as experienced criminal defense attorneys know that can’t be taken lightly as our clients lives literally depend on it.

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Over 25 Years of Advocacy Experience

Police and prosecutors put a lot of resources into prosecuting a murder case, so why shouldn’t your Phoenix criminal defense attorney do the same? In fact, they should put in more effort and more hard work than the prosecutor – and we do. Because no murder, manslaughter, or negligent homicide case is the same, we take a unique and different approach to each and every case in order to get the very best results that can be obtained.

We take a team approach using investigators and expert witnesses, to look in every nook and cranny, turn over every stone, and carefully examine every detail, because our more than 25 years of experience has proven that there is no telling where you can find the evidence that could show a jury reasonable doubt and obtain a dismissal of all charges or a not guilty verdict. And as a boutique criminal defense law firm, we limit the number of cases we handle at one time so as to be able to give a murder case the time and attention our clients deserve.

The same approach holds true and has proven successful for clients who are charged with murder, manslaughter, or negligent homicide as vehicular crimes. Even though there may not a shooting or stabbing as in traditional murder cases when someone dies as a result of a vehicular crime involving alcohol, drugs, or excessive speed, the same charges can be filed and same harsh penalties can apply.

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If you are facing murder charges, don’t panic! Our Phoenix criminal defense lawyer is ready to get started on your case. We provide aggressive and determined litigation to each case, no matter how serious the consequences you face may be. Our law firm has handled thousands of serious criminal cases and has the experience to provide you with the defense you need.

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  • “Jason recently helped me with some serious false allegations. He was a rock star in the courtroom and went above and beyond what I expected. Worth every dollar spent. He truly cares about his clients and gets involved in the case above and beyond any other”

  • “Thanks to Superman, Jason D. Lamm, I see the light in the darkness around me. There are no words available in English to describe how pungent, brilliant, and tactical Jason is. When anyone is in a situation where it appears that there is no hope, no avenue”

  • “You went above and beyond for us every step of the way.”

  • “As you know, this has all been very difficult on our family, but appreciate and know you have always had my back.”



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