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Merely being accused of a sex crime in Arizona brings with it significant problems, stigmas, and consequences – even if you are later proven innocent. Arizona law allows for people to be held without bail for years while they await trial, even though they are only facing allegations and have not been proven guilty of anything.

The only real way to defend yourself is to fight back with the one criminal defense attorney in Phoenix who is willing to take on the system and who has gotten unparalleled results for his clients falsely accused of sex offenses such as sexual conduct with a minor, sexual assault, and child prostitution.

Why Choose Jason Lamm?

As a former prosecutor who has personally handled hundreds of cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct, Jason Lamm fights for his clients like no other criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, or for that matter, all of Arizona.

  • Backed by 20+ Years of Experience
  • Hundreds of Sex Crimes Cases Handled
  • One-on-One Attention from Your Attorney

Our Approach

By creating a customized plan of attack to pick apart the prosecution’s case, using his unique boutique criminal defense model, Jason Lamm relentlessly thwarts the prosecution. It is this approach that has actually achieved the victories for his clients that most other criminal defense attorneys in Phoenix can only talk about.

If you are falsely accused of a sex crime in Arizona and want someone to fight for the truth so you can clear your name, put Jason Lamm’s expertise to work for you.

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Some of Our Past Results
    • Child Molestation Dismissed
    • Production of Child Pornography Dismissed
    • Aggravated Assault (Domestic Violence) Dismissed
    • Conspiracy (White Collar Crime) Dismissed
    • Money Laundering Dismissed
    • Conspiracy to Distribute Dismissed
    • Illegal Control of an Enterprise Dismissed
    • Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon Probation / No Jail Time
    • Child Abuse Dismissed
    • Theft NOT GUILTY
    • Transportation of Marijuana for Sale No Charges Filed
    • Sexual Conduct with a Minor Dismissed
    • Aggravated Robbery Dismissed
    • Attempted Murder Dismissed
    • Sexual assault & kidnapping Dismissed
    • Fraudulent Schemes NOT GUILTY
    • Computer Tampering Dismissed
    • Transportation of Marijuana for Sale Fined Only; Misdemeanor

Handling Sex Crime Defense For Over Two Decades

Jason D. Lamm has authored motions and argument that are recognized and adopted by other lawyers given their strength and value for the defense of sexual offenses. Aggressive defense of sexual offenses sometimes means examining medical records, child protective services records, and other avenues that many lawyers don’t take the time to explore.

Our firm can handle sex crime charges such as:

How Long Will my Case Take?

It is not uncommon for sex crimes cases to take one to two years before they go to trial. While overworked prosecutors are usually busy with other cases, Jason Lamm pushes forward to relentlessly investigate his client’s cases and file motions, when appropriate and based on the evidence he discovers, that can have a radical outcome on a client’s case and their future.

Your Fierce Advocate

Learn more about the dedication Attorney Lamm provides his clients and the outcomes it produces.

Our Client Testimonials

Past Clients Share Their Experiences

  • “You were put in our path to give us comfort when we felt desperate and afraid. ”
  • “You've been nothing but respectful and professional”
  • “Thanks to Jason Lamm and his firm, I now have a future with possibilities available that once were not there.”
  • “I promise you, if you need a criminal defense lawyer, you want no one except for Jason Lamm. ”
  • “Thanks again for your aggressive yet measured approach”
  • “I feel like I got a second chance at life because he pushed me to see things through when I wasn't too sure about them myself.”
  • “Thanks to Superman, Jason D. Lamm, I see the light in the darkness around me. ”
  • “Jason is the MOST efficient, strategic, and passionate attorney. Thank you, thank you!! You have given my family life again. ”
  • “You won't be disappointed if you hire Mr. Lamm. ”
  • “Jason gets it - this is your life, and it's as important to him that you prevail in your case as it is to you.”
  • “If you need results, I would highly recommend Attorney Jason Lamm to be in your corner. ”
  • “Mr. Lamm is the best criminal defense attorney one can hire. ”

The Truth About False Allegations

Think back to how many times you have watched the news or heard stories about someone who arrested and charged with a sex offense. Like most people, you probably thought the worst and judged that person guilty based on a mere allegation. But when you or someone you know is charged with or arrested for a sex crime, your reaction will be very different. You may think the allegations are false, that the victim fabricated some part of his or her claim, or that the police simply have the wrong person. While there are very legitimate accusations of sexual misconduct, the fact is that the criminal justice system is geared to believe the victim, not you.

Although the criminal justice system stands on ‘the presumption of innocence’, the practical reality is that when you are charged with a sexual offense, there is a perception that you are guilty and that you have to prove otherwise.

That is where our experienced Phoenix sex crimes attorney comes in. At Jason D. Lamm Attorney at Law, we take our client's side and provide the committed and aggressive advocacy they need to have their voice heard. We know how trying this time can be, which is why we are here to stand by your side.

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