Don't Ask For a Criminal Defense Lawyer's Advice Unless You Are Going to Follow It

There are a lot of times that a criminal defense lawyer can anticipate the filing of charges or even the direction of a pending investigation against a client. Oftentimes, people hire me to be their lawyer to try and prevent charges from being filed. After carefully assessing a situation, I am often able to analyze what police and prosecutors may have for a case and am then able to advise my client how to stop it dead in its tracks.

Whether it’s a case of aggravated assault, white collar crime, or drug trafficking, one of the most critical pieces of evidence that police and prosecutors have in their arsenal is a defendant’s statement.

So what advice do I always give my clients?

  • If you are questioned by the police, the only response to give them is “I would like to speak with my attorney, please.”

It’s just that simple.

Nonetheless, despite having received and understood this advice – or so I thought when the client told me they understood – this very simple instruction is not followed. Ultimately, when the moment of truth comes, the client says something other than asking to speak with their attorney and gives a statement to the police.

What many people don’t realize is that any statement to the police can be problematic. Often times, without realizing it, a client can tie my hands as to what arguments or defenses I may be able to make in the future. Moreover, if the case is one in which the client will ultimately need to take the stand at trial, by making a statement to the police, they have given the prosecutor ammunition with which to cross-examine them and, ostensibly, call them a liar in front of the jury in the future.

Don’t ask for a criminal defense attorney’s advice unless you are going to follow it.

I often work with clients in what is known as a pre-indictment capacity. That is, people hire me before charges are filed so that we can stop the investigation in its tracks. This is particularly important in high-profile cases and for clients who have professional consequences as a result of an arrest or conviction.

But you don’t have to be a rock star or a high profile individual to hire me. My solid legal advice is just as on-point for the everyday person as it is for the people whose arrest makes headlines. If you think that you are or may be facing criminal charges, now is the time to hire me. Contact Attorney Jason Lamm at (602) 663-9100 for a personal and confidential consultation. The best offense is a really good criminal defense attorney.

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