Hype Music for a Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney

Hype Music for a Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney

Athletes do it. Musicians do it. Even doctors do it before performing surgery. All listen to hype music to get them into the zone so they can do their best. Why should a Phoenix criminal defense attorney be any different?

And while careful and painstaking preparation is what really gets me hyped right before a trial, there’s always something more that can be done to bring me to my peak level so that I can do my very best for my clients. I’ve never really thought about what music a criminal defense attorney should listen to before beginning a state or federal jury trial, but here are some possibilities that come to mind.

Breaking the Law - Judas Priest

Fuck the Police - NWA (Ironic that I represent a lot of federal agents)

Lawyers Guns and Money - Warren Zevon

Cocaine - Eric Clapton

So if you see me in a Phoenix courthouse jamming out, I haven’t lost my mind (not entirely). I’m probably just getting ready to give an opening statement or closing argument and getting into the best headspace possible before I present my client’s case to a jury. Whether it’s a drug trafficking case, a white collar conspiracy or any other complex felony, I give it my absolute all to get the best possible outcome for my client. And hey, if a little music gives me that extra edge, I’ll take it.

Most criminal defense attorneys in Phoenix sing tales of doom and gloom; telling you about the worst possible outcomes of your case in order to scare you into hiring them. I won’t sing you a swan song, but will work with you to develop a customized defense and strategy to best defend against the allegations or charges that you are facing. Call me at (602) 663-9100 to set up a confidential consultation. Once we meet, I promise you’ll have a different mindset and that you’ll be singing a much different tune.