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Breaking: Ariel Castro Pleads Guilty to Life + 1000 Years / Kyra Phillips and Jason Lamm on HLN

The "Cleveland Monster" Ariel Castro pled guilty today to a laundry list of charges from the 997 count indictment he faced and which charged him with murder, kidnapping, and raping the women whom he held prisoner in his home for years. In exchange for his guilty plea and agreement to spend the rest of his life, plus 1000 years, prosecutors took the death penalty off the table. Given his horrific crimes, many question if the life sentence is harsh enough and if Castro should be put to death. Veteran high profile criminal defense attorney Jason Lamm joined HLN anchor Kyra Phillips on Raising America to analyze what Castro's plea agremeent means to him, to prosecutors, and to the victims of his crimes. Learn more about Jason and his criminal defense practice in Phoenix, Arizona at