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Nancy Grace Meltdown on Phoenix Attorney Jason Lamm During Jodi Arias Deliberations on HLN

While the jury ultimately found Jodi Arias guilty of the first degree murder of Travis Alexander, the waiting game during jury deliberations may have put Nancy Grace over the brink. When told by high profile Phoenix criminal defense attorney Jason Lamm that she shouldn't "lose her mind" and "not to bite off her manicure" after a few short days of deliberations with no verdict reached, Nancy came unglued. What Nancy didn't realize is that as a hard nosed trial lawyer, Jason Lamm is no patsy or pushover. Watch as Jason calls Nancy out on her preaching and even one ups Nancy on her own show. Her ego bruised, Nancy barks for her producer to "cut Jason's microphone" - but it was too late; the damage was done and Nancy moved on to another segment, licking her wounds. Learn more about Jason and his criminal defense practice in Phoenix, Arizona at