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Mistaken Identity of Identical Twins in Phoenix Murder Case

After 20+ years of practicing as a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer, I thought I’d seen it all. Enter Orlando Nembhard, charged with second-degree murder, in a shooting death that occurred last winter in the parking lot of a club near Phoenix, Arizona. Though numerous witnesses at the scene identified Orlando as the shooter, other witness provided conflicting descriptions and indicated that Orlando’s twin brother, Brandon Nembhard – who was also present in the parking lot, was the shooter. Soon after Orlando’s arrest, his family hired me to be his criminal defense attorney.

By interviewing witnesses who were not talked to by the police and through additional and ongoing investigation, it looks like we are going to prove that it was someone else, and not our client who committed the murder. Although new information is developing on a daily basis, In light of the new evidence that has been uncovered so far, we asked a judge to release Orlando from jail. This past week, bail was reduced from $500,000 to $10,000.

This case was so unusual, not just in Phoenix, but around the country that the local and national media covered it. In the meantime, our work continues and will continue until all charges are dropped against our client. This case really is proof that the best offense is an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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