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Defending Conspiracy Cases in Phoenix, Arizona

If you are a resident of Phoenix, Arizona or the surrounding areas and have been charged with conspiracy, then you should seek legal counsel right away. A Phoenix criminal defense attorney with experience in defending against conspiracy charges can make all the difference. Here are some facts about conspiracy and how a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer can help.

What Exactly is Conspiracy?

Conspiracy is the act of conspiring to commit a crime. It’s when two people agree to perform an illegal act whether it be to distribute drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, or heroin, or to physically harm or murder another individual, or even to engage in wire fraud, mail fraud, or money laundering. In federal conspiracy cases, even if you don’t actually commit the crime, conspiracy charges may be brought against you as if you did follow through. Arizona conspiracy law is somewhat different as, in addition to the agreement, you must commit an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy.
In federal court, conspiracy is punishable by up to five years in prison. In Arizona state courts, the punishment can vary depending on the crime. For example, the possible penalties for a conspiracy to possess marijuana for sale is very different than the penalty for conspiracy to commit murder.

How a Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Conspiracy charges can be complex so you’ll need a criminal attorney that understands conspiracy law and has experience in filing pretrial motions that are often unique to conspiracy cases. Just last year, I defended a client in Phoenix’s Maricopa County Superior Court in a high-profile conspiracy to commit first-degree murder case related to the firebombing of a witness’ home in a related case. Even though my client did not throw the Molotov cocktail into the witness’ home – and was not anywhere around when it happened, he was still charged with conspiracy, attempted murder, and arson. My client faced 25 years at trial and was offered a plea bargain of 18 years. After 18 months of fierce and intense litigation, he received probation and no jail.

Just recently, I represented another client charged with conspiracy to possess marijuana for sale. The case arose out of a DEA wiretap. Our aggressive defense paid off and all charges against my client were dismissed.

If you are being charged with conspiracy, contact our dedicated and skilled defense attorney in Phoenix. We can provide the help you need!