Prison Does Not Mean Rehabilitation

As a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer, the last place I ever want to see my clients is in prison. But with prison populations higher than ever, there are still a lot of misconceptions held by the general public.

People convicted of murder and rape are not housed with people convicted of drug offenses such as possession for sale of marijuana or narcotic drugs. Most prisons use a classification system that separates violent offenders (like those convicted of murder, drive by shooting, or aggravated assault), from nonviolent offenders (like those convicted of white collar crimes such as fraudulent schemes, money laundering, or forgery). Sex offenders; those convicted of crimes such as sexual exploitation of a minor, child molestation, or even child abuse, are housed separately from all general population inmates. Generally, sex offenders are housed on separate prison yards to protect them from predatory conduct by other inmates.

There is also a belief that people get help and treatment in prison. The reality is that drugs are plentiful in prisons, not just in Arizona but in all states and that inmates can readily continue a criminal lifestyle behind bars. And while taxpayers are quick to fund the construction of new prisons, historically they have not supported funding treatment programs for those they put there. Backward as it may sound, the Arizona Department of Corrections is a misnomer. There is no “correction,” and there is no “rehabilitation.” Perhaps a better name for it would be the “Arizona Department of Warehousing People.” It doesn’t have such catchy ring to it, but it’s far more accurate.

Most people who go to prison in Arizona will return again. Whether it is because of a parole violation, or because of committing a new crime in the future, the likelihood is strong. By hiring a capable, competent, and aggressive Phoenix criminal defense attorney to represent you, you may be able to avoid going to prison in the first place. Call our firm today to get started!

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