The Sexual Abuse Scandal at Penn State

The recent sexual abuse scandal at Penn State, involving allegations that long time coach and defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky abused, raped, and molested young boys came as a shock to people around Phoenix, Arizona and throughout the United States. But as the shock wears off, there is a serious case to defend and the need for an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney to defend it.

Although details of the allegations are still sketchy, some assessment of the defense to be raised by Sandusky’s criminal defense attorney are evident. Allegedly, an eyewitness saw Sandusky raping a boy in a shower. Numerous other victims have now come forward making similar allegations of criminal behavior.

Any eyewitness is subject to bias and misperception. A serious issue exists as to why the witness did not report the sexual abuse which she saw in a timely manner to the proper authorities. And if he did report it to the proper authorities and did not get a sufficient response, why didn’t he take it a step further. Also, what motive does the witness have to lie or fabricate for personal gain? These are all things that need to be explored by a competent criminal defense attorney in Phoenix.

Many alleged victims are now coming out of the woodwork claiming that the same sort of thing happened to them. Prosecutors will undoubtedly suggest they did not report Sandusky’s criminal conduct because of ‘repressed memory syndrome.’ This will surely be the subject of expert testimony at trial. The alleged victim will need to be thoroughly investigated to see if they have ulterior motives such as a possible civil suit against Sandusky, Coach Joe Paterno, or the state of Pennsylvania.

We have successfully defended dozens of complex sex cases such as sexual assault, rape, child molestation, sexual conduct with a minor, and sexual exploitation of a minor. If you are need of representation for this type of charge, please contact us immediately.

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