What to Look for in a Phoenix White Collar Crime Attorney

White collar crime isn’t quite like anything else out there. Fraud, embezzlement, insider trading and other similar crimes often have complex paper trails that are not always so easy to interpret. This means those accused need experienced representation in their corner to ensure the best possible outcomes from criminal proceedings. That’s where a Phoenix white collar crime attorney comes into play. Hiring the best can mean the difference between having a case thrown out and having it progress all the way through trial and to a possible conviction.

What to Look for in an Attorney
White collar crime is as tricky to prosecute as it is to defend, however, the best Phoenix white collar crime attorney practices have a few aces up their sleeves when it comes to defending their clients. To find the very best, insist on working with lawyers who:

  • Have extensive experience in this arena – Nothing replaces experience when it comes to defending white collar criminal cases. The best attorneys are not only well versed in the laws, they know how to present cases successfully all the way through trial. Look for an attorney who specializes in this type of practice and one who has a strong trial win record to stand upon.
  • Conduct their own investigations – Bankruptcy fraud, embezzlement and other white collar crimes involve very complex paper trails that can often be misleading and misread. The best Phoenix white collar crime lawyer will insist on looking at all the evidence and will back track to conduct in-house investigations. This type of diligence can, for example, not only prove the client is innocent of any wrong doing, but might also point out the actual guilty party. The fact is even the most skilled law enforcement investigators make mistakes at the expense of innocent people. That’s why the best attorneys want to see for themselves where that paper trail leads.
  • Treat you like a person – Being accused of a crime doesn’t mean you are a criminal. Be sure to insist on working with a Phoenix white collar crime attorney who treats you like an important person worthy of respect. After all, if your case isn’t a top priority for your lawyer, you’ve made the wrong hire.

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