Why You Need an Aggressive Phoenix Murder Attorney on Your Case

Murder charges are serious and so are the penalties for those found guilty. Since Arizona does have capital punishment in place that is upheld in certain circumstances, it is imperative for anyone accused of this crime to have an aggressive, thorough and experienced Phoenix murder attorney over their defense.

Why Proactive Measures are Necessary
An aggressive attorney is generally better positioned to provide those accused of murder with a solid, well-planned defense. The best criminal lawyers in Phoenix and beyond do a few things differently than others that can greatly help clients.

They include:

  • Reviewing all evidence – A good Phoenix murder attorney will take a look at a case starting at square one. He or she will review all evidence and make sure a thorough investigation is conducted on behalf of the accused. While police reports will come into play, a good attorney will not let them guide his or her own investigation.
  • Refuting the evidence – As an attorney who handles investigations in-house looks at all the facts in the case, he or she is likely to come across further evidence that can refute claims made in the case. This can prove especially helpful for those trying to prove their innocence or cast doubt on the claims made against them.
  • The best defense is built by an attorney that doesn’t take a case on face value. Aggressive investigative techniques can prove innocence in murder cases, mitigate fault in manslaughter cases and lead to acquittals in homicide trials.

    What Else to Look For
    Perhaps the number one feature a charged party should look for in a Phoenix murder attorney is experience in the field. Murder trials are grueling business that call for those with trial expertise to navigate well. When there is a need for defense, a good attorney will have years of experience and a track record for success.

    If you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer, don’t be afraid to look around to find the best. Ideally, you want an attorney who will conduct in-house investigations, review all the facts, look into the circumstances surrounding the seizure of evidence and more. The best defense is provided by an attorney who is aggressive, thorough and willing to go the extra mile.

    Jason Lamm is willing to go the extra mile! Contact our firm today to learn more.

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