Hiring A Phoenix Criminal Lawyer For Someone Else

There are many different reasons why a person charged with a criminal offense may not be able to complete the research needed to hire a top Phoenix criminal defense lawyer. If you are a spouse or family member that is taking on this responsibility there are some factors that you should keep in mind.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer for another person is not difficult or impossible and, in fact, for serious crimes experienced lawyers are very familiar with this situation. The attorney will be able to ask you the questions that they need to determine if they are suited to provide the legal representation required.

Know the Facts

As much as possible it is important for you to know the basic facts of the case and the charge before hiring a defense lawyer. Keep in mind that top attorneys are very busy and typically have more people seeking their services than they can effectively represent.

Gather as much information as you can prior to calling in for a consultation or meeting with the lawyer you are considering. You should also have basic information about the person that has been charged with the crime as well.

Be Concise and Honest

Often a loved one comes to a Phoenix criminal lawyer and wants to talk about the reasons why the individual charged is not guilty of the crime. While this is important at some time, it is not going to be relevant to the attorney deciding on taking on the case.

Try to be as forthcoming as possible about the information that you know, and also let the attorney know if you are unaware of information, never guess or provide what you “think” is the right answer. This can not only confuse the answer but may also lead to misunderstandings that become problematic as the case proceeds.

In addition, remember that the best Phoenix criminal defense attorney will not take on every case. Be prepared to listen to the information that the attorney provides and, if they don’t choose to represent your family member, ask for a few names of attorneys they would recommend that you can talk to for the legal representation that your loved one needs.

If you have questions or would like to schedule a case evaluation for your loved one, contact our firm today!

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