The Benefits Of Hiring A Top Phoenix Aggravated Assault Attorney

Being charged with aggravated assault in the state of Arizona can have very serious consequences if you don’t have the right legal representation. Choosing the best Phoenix aggravated assault attorney to handle your case is essential for many different reasons but most importantly to ensure that you get the best representation possible through the legal system.

What is Aggravated Assault?

The first thing that a top Phoenix aggravate assault lawyer will do is talk to you about the legal definition of aggravated assault in the state. It is more than a misdemeanor assault and has to include at least one other element.

These elements or factors include:

  • Serious physical injury
  • Disfigurement or impairment that is substantial
  • Using a weapon
  • Assault of someone under the age of 20 if you are 18 or older
  • Violating an order of protection
  • Assault on a person that is a peace officer, corrections office, teacher or works in other listed areas

There are several other factors that can be included to elevate an assault to an aggravated assault and your Phoenix aggravated assault attorney will be able to evaluate your case based on these factors.

In addition there may be physical injury that is serious. It may be temporary or permanent injury and that determination will also depend on the type of injury and the results of the injury.

Possible Penalties

There are different classes of aggravated assault that your defense attorney will discuss. These are considered felonies and, depending on the case and the charges, there is a range of different fines, imprisonment, probation, restitution and community service that may be required, often in combination with each other.

In many cases, a Phoenix aggravated assault lawyer can work to get the case reduced and even arrange for community service or probation and fines instead of jail time. In some situations, and when there is a self-defense situation, it may be possible to have the charges dropped completely before the need to go to court.

Working with a criminal defense firm as early as possible in your case will provide you with the opportunity to consider your options and plan your defense. Schedule a case evaluation today!

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