And the Best Lawyer in Phoenix Award Goes to...

best-lawyer-in-Phoenix-awardAs you review websites of criminal defense attorneys, it seems that almost everyone lists some award, credential, plaque, or certificate that says that they are the best lawyer in Phoenix. What most people don’t realize is that most of these “awards” are bought and go to the highest bidder.

Many lawyers throw ridiculous money at advertising, hoping that clients will ignore their lack of experience in handling serious felony cases, and instead be distracted by terms like “#1″ or “super” – all to convince people that they are the best lawyer in Phoenix. What consumers don’t realize is the vast majority of these awards require some type of fee or payment from the attorney.

What really qualifies a criminal defense attorney as the “best lawyer in Phoenix” is their experience and their recent results. Another question to ask is whether the community at large or the media recognizes the attorney as an expert to provide legal analysis and commentary on high-profile criminal cases. Or better yet, what their former clients say about them – do they think they’re the best lawyer in Phoenix?

Would you watch the Academy Awards if you heard “And the Oscar goes to the person who paid for it”? Of course, you wouldn’t. At the very least, you would think that it cheapened the award and made it a big joke. Is it any different if 1,876 lawyers advertise that they are among the Top 100 criminal defense attorneys in the United States?

If you or someone close to you is facing serious criminal charges, you absolutely want to have the best lawyer in Phoenix on your side. But remember the best lawyer in Phoenix is not determined by an award or title that is bought and sold to the highest bidder. In fact, it’s a red flag that should make you, as a consumer, very leery. There’s no substitute for experience. To the self-proclaimed best lawyer in Phoenix: I challenge you to put that on your website.

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