Lamar Odom: The Clean-Up Is Worse Than His Crime

As Lamar Odom lies tragically in a coma in a Las Vegas hospital, new details are emerging by the minute about the hours that led up to his being found unconscious by brothel workers.

Early reports that he took nothing but herbal Viagra were even more unrealistic than the fact that when police and paramedics came to the brothel to render emergency aid to Lamar Odom, the room was completely clean and free of drugs or evidence of other illegal activity. I mean really, if your thing is to check-in at a Nevada whore house for a planned bender, is it realistic that you wouldn’t have some help from a white, powdery friend (cocaine)?

Now that we have debunked that Puritanical ridiculousness, there is a far greater legal issue than possession of cocaine that looms for brothel management and workers. It’s a pretty safe bet that workers were instructed to clean up Lamar Odom’s room – a likely crime scene. I can only imagine that workers were told to destroy all evidence of drugs and to tidy up the place before police arrived.

No matter how Lamar Odom’s tragic story ends, at some point police will start looking into how and why there were no drugs in the room, particularly if early reports of his using cocaine are confirmed. If it is determined that management and or workers cleaned up Lamar Odom’s room and removed / destroyed any evidence of drug use, they could face charges of:

  • Destruction of Evidence
  • Obstruction of Justice
  • Conspiracy

Each of these crimes is a serious felony, which carries prison terms and hefty fines upon conviction. A conspiracy charge could be filed if it can be shown that one or more person acted in an agreement to commit a crime and engaged in some act to further the agreement. In other words, if there was an agreement to destroy evidence of drugs in Lamar Odom’s room and someone actually did it, then a conspiracy charge could be filed.

Having represented clients charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice, what will likely happen is that someone will cooperate with the police in exchange for immunity. That is, a written promise from the prosecution that they will not be punished for their involvement in exchange for their cooperation. This cooperation could include testifying in a grand jury or trial proceeding.

With over 25 years of experience as a Phoenix criminal defense attorney, I have represented a wide variety of clients with different charges, including conspiracy and obstruction charges. If you are facing serious accusations like these, you want the assistance of a knowledgeable and skilled lawyer on your side.

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