Jack of All Trades, Master of None

If you needed heart surgery, would you go to a doctor who also advertised themselves as being an expert in foot surgery? Of course, you wouldn't. So why then do people hire a criminal defense attorney who also claims to be an expert in personal injury, bankruptcy, and estate planning?

No different than heart surgery, complex criminal cases are no joke and are not something that should be undertaken by an attorney who is not fully dedicated and committed to full-time criminal defense. You want a criminal defense attorney who is experienced, is a jury trial veteran, and is regarded as a leader in Phoenix's legal community in the areas of:

White Collar Crime

Drug Conspiracy Charges

Sex Offenses

Vehicular Crimes (Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide)

Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer Is Not a Part Time Job

Back in the days of Small Town, America, people had family attorneys who handled all of their legal needs, whether it involved a will, a real estate matter, or a car accident. The same was true of the family doctor who took care of just about all of your ailments. But the world has changed, and the practice of law has gotten much more complex and sophisticated.

In recent years, criminal defense law has changed immensely - not just in Arizona, but nationwide. Recent decisions from the Supreme Court of the United States on topics such as search and seizure, confessions, and jury instructions have changed the landscape of criminal law. If an attorney is not completely dedicated to being a full- time criminal defense attorney—especially when it comes to dealing with serious felony charges, such as fraud, murder, and aggravated assault—there is simply no way for them to get clients the best result possible. In short, to be the best Arizona criminal defense lawyer that you can be, it needs to be a full time commitment.

Why Other Attorneys Trust Us

If you have a personal injury case or family law matter, we will happily refer you to an attorney in Phoenix who is an expert in those areas as we do not practice them. We want our clients to get the best result possible. It's not about our ego and it's not about making a fast buck.

Many of our clients come to us via referrals from big law firms who simply do not handle criminal defense cases. They know us and trust our expertise in criminal law. Like us, they want their clients to get the very best representation possible if they are charged with a serious felony matter. This type of trust and industry recognition are based on our recent results, the commitment we have to our clients in terms of only handling criminal defense matters, and our history of putting our clients’ interests first.

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, contact a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer that you know will be dedicated to your case.

Call (602) 663-9100 or fill out our online form for an initial consultation!

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