Differences between Criminal Fraud Cases and Civil Fraud

Having defended complex white collar cases for many years, I get a lot of inquiries for legal representation from people charged with fraud offenses, such as fraudulent schemes and artifices, mail fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and wire fraud. But I also get a lot of calls from people being accused of fraud that is civil, and not criminal in nature. Understanding the difference is very important and something that I hope to be able to explain in this post.

What Is Criminal Fraud?

As a criminal defense attorney based in Phoenix, Arizona, I represent people who have been criminally charged or who are being criminally investigated for fraud. In other words, my clients are people who have been charged with violating a state or federal criminal law.

Prosecutors for Criminal Fraud Cases in Arizona include:

  • County Attorney’s Office
  • Arizona Attorney General’s Office
  • United States Attorney’s Office

In some cases, my clients have been contacted by either police officers or federal agents from agencies such as the FBI, the IRS, or the Secret Service. When one of these entities is asking the questions, you can almost be assured that the investigation is criminal in nature and that the first call you need to make is to one of Phoenix’s most experienced white collar crime attorneys.

What Is Civil Fraud?

Civil fraud involves a dispute between two people or business entities, and typically arises out of some type of contractual relationship that went south. Unlike criminal fraud cases in which you can go to prison if convicted, in a civil fraud case only money damages can be awarded. People often threaten the other party that they will go to jail in a civil fraud case, but it almost never happens. Law enforcement rarely, if ever, will get involved in a civil dispute where individuals are alleging fraud. These matters are left to the parties to sort out in the courts.

If You Are Being Criminally Investigated or Charged with Fraud

White collar crime is what we do. Whether you are charged with fraudulent schemes and artifices in superior court, or mail fraud, wire fraud, or bankruptcy fraud in federal court, we are here to help. Our years of experience and reputation for being detail oriented have earned us the distinction of being among the top white collar crime defense lawyers not only in Phoenix, but all of Arizona, and makes us the first phone call that you need to make if you or someone close to you is being investigated for, or charged with a white collar crime.

Contact us today at (602) 663-9100 for a confidential personal consultation to discuss the right options for your defense.

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