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  • Forgery Penalties in Arizona
    Forgery Penalties in Arizona

    What Constitutes as Forgery? Forgery occurs when an individual creates a fake document, modifies an existing document, or the unauthorized signing of a signature without authorization. The type of ...

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  • Arrested for Bribery?
    Arrested for Bribery?

    Get Experienced Legal Help from Our Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer Bribery is a white-collar crime that involves offering something of value to someone in a position of power in exchange for favors ...

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  • Arizona's Enhanced Penalties for Shatter and Wax
    Arizona's Enhanced Penalties for Shatter and Wax

    With the evolution of medical and, possibly, recreational marijuana use in Arizona, more and more users are using wax and shatter, marijuana concentrates that have a THC potency of up to four times ...

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  • Round Pegs In Square Holes
    Round Pegs In Square Holes

    It defies the laws of science, nature, and physics. Round pegs just don't fit into square holes. But then again, criminal defense attorneys - be they in Phoenix, Arizona or elsewhere - were never ...

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