How to Pick the Right Criminal Defense Attorney for You


Most of my clients have never been in trouble before. They are good people in bad situations. They are fish out of water. They are terrified of the unknown and vulnerable to a higher-pressure sales pitch from one of the many criminal defense firms in Phoenix who “ambulance chase” using billboards or bus stops. That’s just not me.

I recognize the situations that my clients are in. I see them as human beings. Admittedly, not every criminal defense attorney is the right fit for every client. I remind them that common sense has gotten them far in life and that the process of selecting the right criminal defense attorney is not one in which that common sense should be abandoned.

With that, keep a few tips in mind:

  • Most people don’t keep the name of a good criminal defense attorney on speed dial or in the favorites section of their mobile phone. That’s because most people don’t worry about getting arrested.

If the unthinkable does happen, start with word-of-mouth.Do you know anyone who has hired a criminal defense attorney before?Do you know any lawyer, even in another area of practice besides criminal law, that can get you a referral to an attorney who is experienced in defending serious and complex matters like white collar crimes, health care fraud, or conspiracy charges?

  • Be cautious when using the internet. Simply because an attorney pops up first, doesn’t necessary mean that they are the best criminal defense attorney in Phoenix. Many lawyers pay big money for top positions, but a big advertising budget doesn’t equate to the quality of representation that you need to defend yourself against serious felony charges brought by Arizona state or federal prosecutors.

Badges mean nothing. In fact, if you understand that most lawyers pay to be able to use these “distinctions”, you will likewise recognize that these pretty little widgets are nothing more than something to pull the wool over your eyes. As a few examples …

Avvo Rating 10.0 Superb

Bought and paid for

BBB Accredited Business

Bought and paid for

State Bar of Georgia

Ummm…. The State Bar of Arizona license lawyers.

I would hope that any criminal defense attorney would be licensed to practice law. Not exactly something to jump up and down about, you think?

You get the point.

  • Here’s what you should do:

Do your homework.See what an attorney’s past clients have to say about them.I always invite potential clients to look at my Google reviews ().See what others who were in your situation once upon a time have to say now that they have gone through the process. Frankly, this is probably the best way to get a feel for any criminal defense attorney whom you are thinking about hiring.

Once you’ve done that homework and ready to hire a criminal defense attorney, give me a call at (602) 663-9100 to set up a confidential consultation. We can sit down, discuss the facts of your case, and customize a strategy to defend your case that’s right for you. From there, we can move forward together and get you the result that you need and deserve.

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