When Bad Things Happen To Good People

After almost 17 years of practicing law, I continue to learn new things. Recently a colleague described criminal defense attorneys as being like oncologists – you hope you never need us, but if you do, you want someone who really knows what they’re doing and who has a high success rate.

Over the years, I have had outstanding results in all sorts of cases – murder, fraud, manslaughter, conspiracy, marijuana distribution, etc. And like an oncologist, I’m usually able to detach from the emotion of the situation, seeing the facts and issues for what they are so as to render the best representation / treatment to the problem / malignancy. One type of case always seems to get to me.

In Arizona, if you are impaired by alcohol or drugs and get into an accident and hurt someone, you will likely be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The theory is that you were reckless, you caused someone an injury, and that you did so with a motor vehicle – which under the law constitutes a deadly weapon. If someone unfortunately dies from the accident, the charge will be elevated to manslaughter or even murder.

Everyone who I’ve represented in this type of case (there have been many) is a nice person. Despite the sinister charges, my clients are solid citizens with no criminal record, who are as normal as they come. Staring down the barrel of mandatory prison, they all look like deer in headlights. I am saddened when I see that look. I fight for my clients and I fight hard – in some cases getting charges dismissed.

It’s tragic and unfortunate that felony charges are filed from accidents. But this is what happens on a daily basis in Phoenix and all throughout Arizona. Bad things do happen to good people, but a good criminal defense attorney makes all the difference in the world as to how a bad situation ends.

If you are a good person in a bad situation, contact my defense firm today!

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