Could Charlie Sheen Be Charged with Attempted Murder for Having Unprotected Sex, Knowing That He Is HIV Positive?

By now you’ve probably heard the news that earlier today Charlie Sheen revealed that he is HIV-positive. Scores of former sexual partners of the Hollywood heartthrob have also come forward that Sheen encouraged unprotected sex with them, even though he was aware of his condition.

If it can be shown that Sheen knew he was HIV positive, and that he either infected them with HIV, or at least, disregarded the fact that he could have given them AIDS, he could be charged with numerous crimes. If any of these sex acts occurred in Arizona, he could be charged with attempted murder or endangerment.

In Arizona, attempted second-degree murder generally involves:

  • Intentionally trying to cause the death of another person;
  • With an extreme indifference to human life, recklessly acting in a way that creates a grave risk of death.

Charlie Sheen could also be charged with endangerment, again assuming any of his unprotected sex occurred in Arizona if it can be shown that he

  • Engaged in reckless conduct that posed a risk of serious physical injury or death to another person

No matter how you look at it, and whether or not Charlie Sheen is charged with any crime, be it in Arizona or elsewhere, having unprotected sex with someone when you know you are HIV positive is shady and scummy. If the allegations are true that he deliberately infected his partner with a life-threatening illness, there are limits to what a criminal defense attorney (even this criminal defense attorney) can do. Charlie Sheen’s money would be better spent on some sunscreen as he may well be reserving a special place in hell for himself.

As children, we were always taught to share. But I think our parents were talking about toys and not HIV. Maybe Charlie Sheen just wasn’t paying attention that day in preschool.

Charlie Sheen is disgusting, and HIV is no laughing matter. Neither is attempted murder. It’s a serious felony offense which, in Arizona, can result in a sentence of 7-21 years in prison. If you or someone you love is facing murder or attempted murder charges, they need the best representation that they can get.

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