A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words; A Digital Photo Is Worth a Million

Often time we can look at a picture of a photograph and see things that help us to try and tell a story. Digital photos – that is, those taken from digital cameras and mobile phones, tell us the hidden story; even if we really don’t want it told.

What Do (Regular) Pictures Tell Us?

An old school picture makes us guess to tell a story. While lighting and shadows can tell us what time a picture was taken, everything beyond the obvious is left to guess work.

What Do Digital Photos Tell Us?

Most all photos and videos are digital. Their higher resolution allows for more vivid detail to be captured. Traditional wedding, family, and school photos are taken to a new level as they can be corrected and touched up to make everyone look fabulous.

Beyond aesthetics, digital photos tell us a whole lot more via the metadata embedded in them. Although you may not know it’s even there, metadata within a digital photo can tell you (among other things):

  1. Date and time at which it was taken;
  2. Whether the photo has been altered or modified;
  3. GPS coordinates where it was taken;
  4. Type of camera or phone which took the image.

How Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Use Digital Photos to Defend Their Clients?

Like any other piece of evidence, digital photos and evidence are only valuable if they can have integrity and credibility. An experienced criminal defense lawyer knows that prosecutors often try and use digital photos and videos in sexual assault, drug trafficking, and aggravated assault cases. It’s common for surveillance videos to show a timestamp indicating that they were recorded on a certain date and time. But by looking at the metadata, the timestamp is often proved wrong. This can make a big difference as to the value of the evidence, often leaving prosecutors scratching their heads as to the unreliability of their evidence.

Criminal defense attorneys can also use digital photos and evidence to establish alibis for their clients. If a digital photo shows a client at a party at the same time that they were supposedly at the scene of a crime, the metadata can be invaluable in showing that the client is not responsible.

Jason Lamm Understands Digital Evidence

As a former cybercrimes prosecutor, Jason has used digital evidence to successfully defend clients charged with child pornography, domestic terrorism, and kidnapping cases. By tapping into the “hidden evidence behind the evidence,” Jason has distinguished himself as Phoenix’s most cutting edge Phoenix criminal defense lawyer who relies on new and novel technology to achieve unparalleled results for his clients.

Whether you are charged with a high-tech crime involving digital photos or evidence, or a good old-fashioned bank robbery, Jason Lamm can make a difference in your case.

Call (602) 663-9100 to set up a confidential consultation to learn what his 25+ years of experience can do for you.

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