Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty To Lying To FBI Agents; Are The Dominoes Falling Toward Trump

Now that former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn has pled guilty in a Washington D.C. federal court to making false statements to FBI agents in January 2017, many wonder if his cooperation with Special Counsel Robert Mueller signals that the dominoes are beginning to fall toward an indictment of President Donald Trump and his close associates.

What Did Flynn Plead Guilty To?

Flynn pled guilty to an Information charging him with one count making false statements to FBI agents, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §1001. An Information is a charging document filed by prosecutors to which a defendant concedes that there is probable cause, as opposed to a federal grand jury finding that it exists.

Specifically, Flynn admitted lying to FBI agents about conversations he had with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak about 1) Russian sanctions; and 2) Russia’s role in a pending resolution of the United Nations Security Council.

What Are The Possible Penalties That Flynn Faces?

Federal law allows a maximum penalty of five years in prison for make false statements in conjunction with an official investigation. Stiff fines are also possible.

Will Flynn face any prison time for his crime? Absolutely not. Why? Because he is cooperating with Mueller.

What Does Flynn’s Cooperation Entail?

By pleading guilty and agree to cooperate, Flynn will get the following out of Mueller, so long as he is truthful:

  • No prison time;
  • Flynn’s family members will likely not be prosecuted by Mueller;
  • No additional charges for failing to register as a foreign agent, money laundering, or other offenses known to Mueller and his team.

But to get this sweetheart deal, Flynn has to do the following:

  • Testify truthfully at any grand jury inquiry or trial concerning any other defendant or target of the investigation;
  • Continue to provide truthful information to Mueller;
  • Take a polygraph to confirm the truth of his information, if requested.

What Juicy Information Did Flynn Reveal To Mueller?

At least for now, only Mueller knows the extent of Flynn’s revelations. But as an experienced federal criminal defense attorney who has handled both complex white collar and political corruption cases, I am confident that Flynn’s information directly implicates others who are higher up the food chain and closer to Donald Trump. Flynn’s information likely corroborates other information know to the Special Counsel, but more importantly, it provides a live human being to testify to this information in open court. Flynn is now an integral building block in the foundation of the criminal cases that Mueller now has against Trump associates, and, perhaps, Donald Trump himself.

Don’t Let Falling Dominoes Crush You

When you are the target of an investigation brought by federal prosecutors, you simply cannot take a passive role and allow the falling dominoes crush you. It is critical that you take an active and aggressive role and position in your own defense. The way to do that is by hiring an experienced and aggressive federal criminal defense attorney to defend your rights.

For more than 25 years, Jason Lamm has earned the reputation of being among the most skillful criminal defense attorneys in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to representing clients in Arizona federal courts, he routinely represents clients around the United States who are either being investigated or are charged with conspiracy, white collar offenses, or money laundering crimes.

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It’s sometimes obvious when the dominoes are falling, but the time to get help is before they do. Hiring a top white collar criminal defense attorney may keep you from getting crushed.

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