Israeli National Gets Time Served for Kidnapping of Tempe Infant

Oren Cohen, the man who last year was charged with kidnapping of a Tempe infant was sentenced to time served and ordered returned to Israel. Cohen was visiting with friends last year and was drinking heavily. After going outside to smoke a cigarette, he accidentally entered the wrong apartment and made himself comfortable. This included using the restroom, drinking some orange juice, and sitting down on the sofa with - what he thought - was his friend's small child. When the child's father entered the room, suffice it to say the fight was on.

Prosecutors alleged that Cohen restrained the child and that it aided in his unwitting burglary into the residence. Under Arizona law, kidnapping of a minor carries a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence and sex offender registration is required, even if no sexual intent or motivations exists.

Under the terms of the plea agreement negotiated on behalf of Cohen by Phoenix criminal defense attorney, Jason Lamm, the kidnapping charge was dropped along with the requirement that Cohen register as a sex offender. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge, Gregory Como, sentenced Cohen to 9 months’ custody, though he gave him credit for the 278 days he has already served. Essentially, Cohen will be released to immigration officials to be returned to Israel as his work visa expired while he was in custody waiting to resolve the kidnapping charges.

According to Attorney Lamm, Cohen felt a tremendous sense of relief after sentencing and was truly apologetic to the family of the victim as he had no memory of what occurred due to his intoxication. Cohen was glad that the successful resolution of the case allowed all parties to get some much-needed closure.

Whether you’re facing kidnapping charges, drug charges, or felony crime charges, attorney Jason Lamm can build you a solid criminal defense case. He brings over 25 years of criminal law experience to the table and is known for his tenacious investigation tactics.

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