I’m a Criminal Defense Attorney, Not a Used Car Salesman

Used Car Salesman
If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a hundred times. Clients in need of representation come to me after meeting with other Phoenix criminal defense attorneys who try to scare them, help them mortgage their house, and tell them that there is no hope – all in effort to get hired. I went to law school for three years, I clerked for two different judges on an appellate court, I was a major felony prosecutor, and I’ve had my own boutique criminal defense practice for almost 22 years. Why don’t I try to intimidate people into hiring me? Because I’m a criminal defense attorney, not a used car salesman. The story is often the same. Someone, or someone’s family member gets arrested. They have never been in trouble before. This is true of most of my clients.

My rule of thumb is that I represent good people in bad situations.

Should You Hire a Billboard Attorney?

Too often though, people in desperate times are way too desperate to hire a criminal defense attorney. They look to billboards, bus stops, and television ads. Ask yourself this, if you were faced with a life threatening medical issue, is this where you would look to hire your doctor? I hope not.

Why would you hire someone from a billboard just because you see their big smiling (airbrushed) face all over the place? The reality is that the oversized face you see on Phoenix freeways is not the person who will handle your case. In fact, the person you see may not even be qualified to handle your case, be it a white collar crime or drug conspiracy case in federal court, and, in all likelihood they won’t even be your lawyer. They will simply hand it off to a junior lawyer who you would never hire in the first place.

And what’s this about helping you refinance your home to pay the fee? I don’t work for free, but I’m certainly not going to tell you how or where you should get the funds to hire me. It’s like the used car salesman and finance manager who double team you when you trade your car to buy a new one at the special low interest rate that is available just for you – but only for today. But now add in the pressure of knowing that you face serious criminal charges to make a fast decision. That’s exactly how many Phoenix criminal defense attorneys work. It’s kind of gross.

Hire a Real Attorney, Not a Car Salesman

Here's the bottom line: I don’t play those games. Never have, never will. Take a look at my recent results and Google reviews. If you want to set up a consultation, fantastic. Call my office at (602) 663-9100 to set one up. You’ll get straight answers and real solutions to serious criminal defense matters. And if you do decide to hire me, I am not going to throw in a couple of free car washes and an air freshener.

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