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Jodi Arias conviction could come down to 1 juror: Jason Lamm tells GMAZ's

It's necessary for Jodi Arias' testimony to come out slowly and methodically to give expert witnesses a foundation to talk about domestic violence in explaining her behavior. But her direct examination is taking several days. The climax of her testimony is going to be what happened that night with Travis Alexander, when she killed him. Is the jury is just saying, "Come on, get it over with already. Finish this already. ... Just spit it out and tell us what happened?" The defense is hoping to get at least one juror to see the situation from Arias' perspective and perhaps even empathize with her. If that happens, the jury could convict on a lesser charge of second-degree murder, which is what the defense was aiming for in plea negotiations. On cross examination, the prosecutor has to be careful because if he is too aggressive, if he is too powerful, that one juror could get the sympathy because he may even liken himself to the men that have abused her [Arias] over the years by pushing her around too much. Jason D. Lamm Attorney at Law (602) 663-9100 6245 N 24th Parkway, Suite 208 Phoenix, Arizona 85016