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NOT GUILTY Verdict for Scottsdale Teen Charged with Felony Assault in High School Food Fight

Conner Floyd, a Scottsdale teen, was charged with felony assault on a teacher when the teacher actually tackled him as he tried to avoid having food rain down on his head in the middle of his high school's cafeteria. Although school officials concoted a story that Conner was the aggressor, cell phone video told the real story and depicted a school administrator (in the green shirt)appearing to kick Conner while the teacher who tackled Conner (in the tie dyed coat) pinned him down to the floor. At trial, Conner was represented by Phoenix criminal defense attorney Jason Lamm. The Court viewed the video and heard from witness after witness who testified that it was the teacher who attacked Conner and slammed him to the ground. After considering all of the evidence, the Court found that the State had not proved its case and found Conner NOT GUILTY.