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The Jodi Arias Hypocrisy on HLN: She Gave Up Coffee but Travis Alexander Didn't Give Up Anal Sex

HLN legal analyst and contributor Jason Lamm joins Vinnie Politan to try and sort out how the jury could interpret the strategy that the defense is using. Will it get the jury to sympathize with her and give her a free pass on a horrific killing, or will her claim that she is a victim of domestic violence at Travis' hands backfire and get her a needle in her arm. It's hard to Imagine that Jodi Arias' trial could get any more bizarre. Amid phone sex tapes she recorded and which were played for the jury, accussations that Travis Alexander was a pedophile, is her angst that she had to give up coffee as part of her Mormon converstion, yet Travis didn't give up anal sex. Jason D. Lamm Attorney at Law (602) 663-9100 6245 N 24th Parkway, Suite 208 Phoenix, Arizona 85016