The "Typical" Transportation of Marijuana for Sale Case in Arizona

transporting weed

Whether it occurs along I-10 near Phoenix, Casa Grande, or Tucson, or whether it occurs along I-40 near Flagstaff, or even along I-17 on the way to Prescott in Yavapai County, the typical transportation of marijuana for sale case in Arizona can usually be broken down into a few simple points:

  • A police officer makes a traffic stop;
  • The police officer checks the driver's license and registration;
  • The police officer writes the driver a warning;
  • The police officer asks for consent to search;
  • If the driver refuses to give consent, a K-9 officer quickly arrives;
  • The dog 'indicates' that there is marijuana or drugs in the car;
  • Police search the car;
  • The driver is arrested for transportation of marijuana for sale.

We've seen this situation dozens of times when we have represented clients charged with marijuana trafficking offenses all over Arizona. Our recent results document just some of the results that we have obtained for clients charged with serious drug offenses in Arizona state and federal courts.

How Do We Do It?

Like any other niche area of practice, we analyze and scrutinize every detail leading up to the police officer's arrest of our client. We look at things like the circumstances of the traffic stop, any video that may have been taken, issues surrounding a consent to search, as well as issues related to any narcotic detection dogs that were involved.

As an example, one of our clients was charged with transportation of marijuana for sale in Yavapai County near Prescott, after a scenario that mirrored the one above resulted in the discovery of 700 pounds of marijuana in his truck. Through diligent investigation and good old-fashioned hard work, we discovered that the arresting officer targeted out of state drivers and that 92% of his traffic stops were on vehicles with out of state license plates. Let's just say our client walked away a very free and happy man.

Commercial Trucking Cases

Usually, when a police officer pulls over a commercial truck or tractor-trailer, it's no accident. It is not uncommon for police to have a heads up or warning from other officers that the truck is headed their way. This is usually indicative of a much larger ongoing investigation, which sometimes involves a federal wiretap.

When a truck driver is charged with transportation of marijuana for sale in Arizona, it's no laughing matter and not one that should be taken lightly. We have seen people arrested and quickly released, not realizing that police are waiting in the wings as part of a broader investigation. But by hiring an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney who understands and who has successfully defended large marijuana conspiracy cases for years in Arizona, they can turn the tables and take control of their case and their future.

If you have been arrested for transporting marijuana for sale, contact the Law Office of Jason D. Lamm today and schedule a consultation with our Phoenix criminal defense lawyer!

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