Stanford Rape Case Sparks Social Outcry for Better Consent Education

In the wake of Brock Turner’s release, public media attention has turned to the steady rise in campus sexual assaults. In a study published by the American Institutes for Research, reported sex crimes on college campuses has increased by 126 percent in the last twelve years. The steady rise in reported sex crimes leaves administrators, parents and students wondering why this is happening.

Educate College Students on Consent

Over the last few years, mainstream media has reported several sexual assault cases, shedding light on a deeper issue on college campuses: College students don’t understand what consent is. In a survey taken by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 54% of students indicated a nod from their sexual partner could be understood as consent. However, high-profile cases, such as the Stanford case, and the Emma Sulkowicz ‘Carry that Weight” Columbia case, illustrate the need for universities to take an active role in opening up the conversation with students about consent.

Colleges across the country have tried to implement sexual education on consent in passive forms ranging from email flyers to mandatory lecture classes, but many college students report the delivery of the material is comical and almost patronizing.

Unhappy status quo of their college administration’s consent education, college students created the campaign Party with Consent. This program, aimed at male college students, teaches them about consent through events, parties, and small workshops. By engaging college-aged males through messages tailored specifically for them, the program has been successfully implemented on several college campuses in the U.S.

Penalties for Sexual Assault on Campus

In addition to the federal and state, regulated penalties students could face if convicted of a sex crime, they could also face college-regulated penalties. Federal law requires colleges and university campuses to comply with Title IX, The Clery Act. These regulations require college campuses to have procedures in place for the prevention and response to sex crimes.

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