How Long Does a Criminal Case Last?

Having a pending criminal case can be an overwhelming and stressful thing. Your future goals or freedoms could be on the line. You might have trouble concentrating at work, sleeping at night, or even maintaining relationships that have become strained because of your upcoming case. Many people just want to know when it will all be over and they can officially put the whole ordeal behind them. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors.

Our experienced Phoenix criminal defense lawyer has helped numerous clients through the criminal case process and put their charges behind them. He shares what you should know about the length of criminal cases in Arizona.

You Might Not Want a Quick Trial

As much as you might want it to all be over, a quick trial isn’t always in your favor. Obstacles have been set up to help protect defendants for judges and prosecutors that just want to push a case through. Now, it could take a while to analyze the evidence found and properly identify whether or not the defendant is attached to it. With the help of a criminal defense attorney, you can ensure that your case isn’t just pushed through the system.

Domestic Violence Cases

A longer domestic violence case can work for the defendant as well. Because domestic violence charges are so emotionally charged, a longer case can allow for each party to distance themselves from the incident and speak about it objectively. If you were falsely accused, there is a good chance that the truth will begin to reveal itself.

When a Quick Trial Is in Your Favor

There are instances when speeding up your trial could be in your favor. For example, being charged with a crime can prevent you from applying for certain jobs. Quickly resolving your case can help you make sure your entire life is not put on hold or subjected to your charges. You can also expedite your case due to witness availability. If one of your key witnesses will be leaving the state soon, you may want to speed up the process to ensure you use them while they are still available.

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When finding out how long your case will take, it is essential to speak with the criminal defense lawyer that is representing you. At our firm, Jason Lamm can inform you on whether speeding up or slowing down the process will be most beneficial to you and the success of your case.

Learn more about the circumstances of your case in a consultation.

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