Hollywood Depicts Domestic Violence Lawyers Completely Wrong

Hollywood signIf you are a fan of crime shows, you have probably seen this portrayal on TV; the shady and slippery “bad guy” attorney, willing to do anything for a paycheck, defends the brutal scumbag accused of domestic violence. Hollywood loves to portray criminal defense attorneys in a negative light, especially in cases of domestic violence. Domestic violence charges often vilify anyone attached to them (and society is even quicker to peg them as guilty, even before that case starts). But what TV doesn’t show you are the tons of cases involving falsely accused defendants and the attorneys that believe in justice and protecting them.

Our Phoenix domestic violence attorney explains some ways in which Hollywood got it wrong and why you should think twice before painting us as the “bad guys.”

  • Ulterior motives – It is a sad truth that not everyone who “cries wolf” is being honest. It isn’t uncommon to see when couples fight for custody or file for divorce, one spouse might accuse the other of domestic violence. They can try to gain leverage over the other by doing this. If someone with ulterior motives has accused you, a criminal defense lawyer can support your side by poking holes in the prosecution’s lies.
  • Self-defense – It is possible to be accused of domestic violence, even if your actions were out of defense. An individual can admit to physical violence but claim it was out of self-defense or defense of someone else, often their children. A reasonable fear of harm with equal force to deflect the harm can be defended as an act of defense.
  • Consent – Though these instances are rare, it is possible that the alleged victim gave the defendant consent during the incident of “domestic violence.” This is usually seen in instances where the defendant and victim were wrestling, playing, or messing around. If there was consent, the defendant cannot be charged with domestic violence.


  • He doesn’t drive an old Lincoln
  • He doesn’t have a chauffeur
  • He doesn’t have a kid with a prosecutor


  • He understands the public relations of high profile cases
  • He’s not afraid to get in front of the cameras to clear his client’s name or reputation
  • When he is in as your lawyer, he goes all in.

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