Arpaio Found Guilty; Will He Ever Do Jail Time?

Now that a federal judge in Phoenix, Arizona has found former Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, guilty of criminal contempt of court, the big question everyone is asking is will the 85 year old former “Toughest Sheriff in America” every see a jail cell.

The short answer is ‘no.’


Before we get to that, let’s talk about the charge for which Arpaio was convicted.

Criminal contempt of court requires a few things to be proven by prosecutors:

  • A valid court order existed
  • The defendant knew of the order
  • The defendant willfully violated it

In this case, a federal judge ordered that Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office stop stopping motorists solely because of racial profiling and that he could not detain people without probable cause to believe that a crime was committed.


Arpaio has always run his mouth to the media. His own statements in interviews made clear that he was not going to change anything he was doing and, in so many words, that he was above the law. In handing down her written decision, Judge Susan Bolton crammed Arpaio’s words down his throat in support of the conviction.

Arpaio also tried to blame his subordinates and his lawyers for not communicating the order to him. This didn’t fly either as Judge Bolton characterized Arpaio’s disregard of the order as “flagrant” and “willful.”

Why Arpaio won’t go to jail:

  • He was convicted of a misdemeanor
  • He was no prior criminal record
  • He’s 85 years old
  • He’s 85 years old
  • He’s 85 years old (in case you missed it the first two times)

An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Makes a Big Difference!

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