Finding the Right Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or someone close to you is being investigated for or being charged with a crime in federal court, finding the right federal criminal defense attorney is a serious and important decision. While there are a lot of criminal defense attorneys in Phoenix, few have substantial experience handling federal matters.

What to Look For

Federal criminal cases are unique in that the rules of procedure federal court are very different from those in Arizona superior (state) court cases. Just because an attorney is an experienced criminal defense attorney in state cases, this does not equate to skill, experience, or competence to successfully defend clients charged in federal courts.

What To Look for When Hiring a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney:

  • Experience in handling federal conspiracy and white collar cases, including wire fraud, money laundering, and other serious criminal offenses, that are unique to federal court;
  • Knowledge of the United States Sentencing Guidelines and federal criminal procedure;
  • A history of appearing before numerous federal judge and having an established and ongoing relationship with federal prosecutors working at the United States Attorney’s Office.

Things to Run From When Hiring a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney:

  • Practice areas that include traffic tickets, shoplifting defense, DUI, and federal criminal defense
  • Low-cost payment plans or any mention of the word “free”
  • Attorneys with anything less than 25 years of experience

Get the Help You Need from an Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney!

Jason Lamm is entering his 22nd year of practice. A former white collar crime prosecutor, Jason opened his practice in 2001 and has handled dozens of federal criminal cases in Arizona courts and around the United States. He regularly handles not only drug conspiracy cases, but also white collar crimes such as money laundering, wire fraud and criminal tax cases for clients charged with these and other federal crimes.

Federal criminal defense is not a cookie cutter practice. Jason’s boutique practice means that each case gets his careful attention as it’s the details that often make the difference. Each client gets a customized strategy to their defense as no two federal criminal cases are the same. It is this tailored approach that has earned Jason the reputation of being one of the top federal criminal defense attorneys in Phoenix.

If you or someone close to you is being investigated for, or being charged with a crime in federal court contact Jason D. Lamm Attorney at Law at (602) 663-9100 for a private and confidential consultation.

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