Caribbean Vacation Tips from Phoenix's Top Criminal Defense Attorney


Caribbean islands are popular vacation destinations for many Americans, though it is often forgotten that many of these islands are foreign countries that are very different than the U.S. My experience as one of Phoenix’s top criminal defense attorneys doesn’t necessarily make me an expert in travel or family vacations, though I’ve traveled around the world enough to be able to not only share some useful tips and at the same time prove, once again, to my SEO manager that I am able to blog about a wide variety of topics that are not attractive to Google and Bing, but also quite practical.

Burn Baby Burn

Whether you are dark skinned or fair skinned, the reality is that Caribbean islands are closer to the equator that the mainland U.S. Consequently, you are much more likely to get a sun burn than in your backyard.

While, of course, the simple answer is sunscreen, you really should bring it from home. Sunscreen is generally available at most resort and hotel gift shops, but the price tags will make you feel like you are a victim of armed robbery. Because most islands import sunscreens and other related products, you will barely dearly protect your skin. So unless you bring sunscreen from home (at a fraction of what you will pay on vacation), you can either go without and come home looking like you got stuck in an arson, or feel like you got murdered by paying exorbitant prices.

Bottoms Up!

Many Caribbean countries have the same creature comforts as we enjoy at home in the U.S. Some of those comforts are not quite the same – for example, toilet paper.

There’s no scientific reasoning behind why Caribbean countries don’t embrace the gentle touch that Americans enjoy in their most intimate of moments. Perhaps islanders just have heartier backsides.

The simple solution – baby wipes!

On your way to the airport, stop by your local Target or Walmart and pick up some unscented baby wipes for your trip. In addition to using them for wiping down airplane seats and other surfaces that others have inconsiderately left biological souvenirs for you (props to my germophobe wife), baby wipes give you an alternative to the use of recycled newspapers for personal cleansing and avoid your feeling like you are an unavoidable victim of assault and battery.

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

While in the best of all worlds, the airlines will get it right and your luggage will get to your destination with you. Still, things happen; particularly if you are changing planes with a short connection time. Add a winter storm (that you are trying to escape) and you and your precious cargo may not be as one; possibly for a few hours or a few days.

Being with out your favorite outfit may seem like kidnapping, but believe it or not, things can be worse. Keep a fabulous change of clothes, a toothbrush, and a couple of must-have things in your carry-on bag. In the unfortunate event that your luggage needs such time to meet up with you at your hotel, you won’t have to resort to bribery to get an airline employee to make sure that it arrives as quickly as possible.

I’m Staying in My Lane (or at least trying to…)

Once again, being one of Phoenix’s top criminal defense attorneys in no way makes me qualified to substitute my expertise for that of a travel agent. In fact, one has nothing to do with to with the other.

That said, if your vacation destination is Phoenix and you find yourself in hot water and facing criminal charges, I’m the guy who can help. Contact my office at (602) 663-9100 to set up a confidential consultation so that we can make sure that your Arizona vacation memories are only good ones.

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