Why Hiring a Lawyer Who is Inexperienced in Federal Court is Like Swimming in the Ocean with Water Wings


Defending criminal cases in federal court is vastly different than defending criminal cases anywhere else. Everything is different. The rules, the complexity of the cases, and the skill that a criminal defense attorney needs to possess in order to successfully defendant federal charges such as conspiracy to distribute, wire fraud, and money laundering.

It’s frustrating to see Phoenix lawyers who do not regularly practice in federal court hold themselves out to be “experts” in defending federal cases. What’s more frustrating is knowing that the clients who hire them, whether it’s because of a smiling face on a billboard, a high-pressure sales pitch, or a too good to be a true fee, are likely going to get poor representation and, as a result, a much higher likelihood of going to federal prison.


I recently took over a wire fraud and money laundering case from another Phoenix attorney who was, frankly, known for handling small misdemeanor matters and some simple family court cases. When I began reviewing his file, it was painfully clear that he had no idea what he was doing. The steps that one would expect from a criminal defense attorney who regularly practices in federal court just weren’t taken. Who suffered? The client. Fortunately, I was able to start from square one and resuscitate his defense. But think of all the time and money that was wasted. If only he had hired the right attorney the first time.


Federal criminal cases are complicated and very few lawyers in Phoenix have the skills, experience, and reputation to handle them. Frankly, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you are looking to hire a criminal defense attorney for your federal criminal case, hiring a lawyer who is inexperienced in federal court is like swimming in the ocean with water wings.

I don’t want you to drown and I don’t want to see another person make the same mistake that many have made before. If you are facing federal criminal charges, contact me at (602) 663-9100 to set up a confidential consultation about what representation would entail and what the possible defenses are to your case. And the best part is that you can forget about the water wings - I will get you to shore safely.

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